Originally from Florida, Sydnie Battie started her career in music in 2017. With background in theater, she felt that her talents could flourish into something larger. She is truly one to watch out for with a voice so unique and lyricism that speaks to the soul.

Once in Denver, she began performing and working towards her debut project which is expected to release this year. At Muse, we book, promote, consult and build contracts for artists so that they can focus on the task at hand - MUSIC.

Sydnie Battie

Singer and Songwriter

Beginning her journey nearly five years ago, Nicole Axelson has been able to grow her career as a Social Media Influencer into a movement. Nicole has lived in Denver her entire life an has been able to grow her online business both locally and nationally. She spends most days in the gym and working with her clients on her training programs.

At Muse Management, we work with Influencers on contract writing, scouting of sponsorships and event planning and consulting.

Nicole Axelson

Social Media Influencer